Oh, shit, they're comin!

Full Name: Dominic Haynes

Nick Name(s): Dom, Dommy, Nic, Bently (don't ask)

Age: 19


Relatives: Sadie Haynes (sister) Marco Haynes(Cousin)

Personality: Has an intense desire to be accepted, and is willing to go irrational lengths to be liked by others He's headstrong and confident. Is prone to a great deal of anger. Very loving and caring for his friends. Strong willed and is hesitant to let others sway him. He is described as being charming and surprisingly good with people, despite his lacking intelligence. He has his flirty moments, and is not shy around someone he has taken an interest in. He is loyal to a fault and is extremely protective of those he cares about.



Like:Video Games

Dislike: Burritos (He won't explain)

Dislike:People who like pickles


Quirks: He sees The Happening as a game and makes morbid and dry humored jokes throughout the story.

He has a great disdain for objects he doesn't know how to use

&nbsp Quotes:' "'Dude, I'm Dominic Haynes, I can do what-*Is tackled by a random man. He then beats him to death with a skateboard.*-ever the fuck I want

&nbsp "I'm gonna need a pizza, a pocket knife, a plate, and a soda........" *After a moment* "Apparently my mind's not making a plan til I have lunch"

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