Me Against The WorldEdit

Genre: Survival/Sci-Fi

About ten years ago, the Happening began. Around the world, people started eating cloned meat. This would not be a big event, if it was not for the meat caused a radioactive reaction to set in. No-one knows the exact reason why the meat caused it but before long, at least 90% of the world had eaten this meat. It caused the people to go violent, primal in dealings. The levels varied, the people less effected got shady and manipulative. The 10% which did not get affected disappeared, driven away by the people who were affected, known as the "New Humans". The New Humans changed the world, and it became harsh. Without the last few people unaffected, no-one could stop them. And as time passed and it became the year 2020, the New Humans became more dangerous. Those who had been badly affected, became animalistic. Savage. Some went insane even. The more sane ones started the "New Government" in which, tests, experiments were done. People started disappearing mysteriously and that is where this story begins................

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Lottie, gimme some ideas, i have a basic outline of a blurb/summary kinda:

Ever imagined being truly alone against the world? Well, in (enter characters name), this is reality. And then we go on, but we need to plan some more in chat k

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Special Scenes/Quotes which we want in itEdit

  • "Would you like fries with that sir?" "Yes please, thanks." "Too bad, we dont have any."
  • "Kerplah, motherf*cker!!!" *Dives behind counter of MacDonalds, eating the fries out of the basket* "Sir, you can't be back her-" *Splashes hot oil on worker's face* "Shut up, I must feeeeeeeed"


Minor CharactersEdit

Major CharactersEdit

Number 1 Me (Lottie's)Edit

Full Name: Dominic Haynes

Nick Name(s): Dom, Dommy, Nic, Bently (don't ask)

Age: 19



  • Sadie Haynes (sister)
  • Marco Haynes(Cousin)



  • Like:Fighting
  • Like:Video Games
  • Dislike: Burritos (He won't explain)
  • Dislike:People who like pickles



  • He sees The Happening as a game and makes morbid and dry humored jokes throughout the story.
  • He has a great disdain for objects he doesn't know how to use.

Quotes:' "'Dude, I'm Dominic Haynes, I can do what-*Is tackled by a random man. He then beats him to death with a skateboard.*-ever the fuck I want.

"I'm gonna need a pizza, a pocket knife, a plate, and a soda........" *After a moment* "Apparently my mind's not making a plan til I have lunch"

Number 2 Me (Kitty's)Edit

Full Name: Dakota Hope Summers

Nick Name(s): Ducky

Age: 18

Gender: Female




  • Like: Guns
  • Like: Swearing and slapping :P
  • Dislike: Water
  • Dislike: Whiny people



  • Can raise one eyebrow perfectly :P


"Hey cutie, what up?" SMACK! "The sky idiot, never ever call me cutie again" -- To some random guy