New HumansEdit

New Humans are the people affected by The Happening. There is 6 levels of New Humans.

Level One - Most Affected (Most common)Edit

Level One, are the humans who were most affected by the radioation. They became the most savage, and animalistic of the New Humans. Most are rough, and have no mind for the weak. They formed most of the New Miliatary, with their lust for war and blood. The Level Ones, were considered the most pure of the New Humans. They believed the lower and more Old Human levels were not worthy of their lives. WIP

Level TwoEdit

Level ThreeEdit

Level FourEdit

Level FiveEdit

Level Six - Least Affected (Most rare)Edit


Level Six, is the least affected of the New Humans. They are close to Old Human, with only slight changes in behaviour like slight insanity, which is not really noticed. They are disliked and the younger Level Sixes are bullied and teased, but not turned away. It is possible for a Level Six to become Old Human, and some have. All of them were killed brutally after turning back, and they had no chance.

Some Level Sixes, are often mistaken as Old Human and killed. Some however, grow up believing they are Old Human, and stay living normally, in a group of one to three other Old Humans who hide and travel a lot. The Old Human groups like this are often caught out and killed, have to learn to survive in forests for their lives or have to pretend to be New Humans. Some Level Sixes, make their own small groups of Level Sixes and live on the streets in the city.

Level Sixes can come from full Level One families. Most are disowned and they have to live on the streets. (See above) Some Level Sixes remain in their higher level families, sometimes as servants. Level Sixes often die young, and the oldest one was known to live only until 56.

Known Level SixesEdit

  • Dr. Jonathon Cross: Mentioned by Dakota as the first level six. He was a scientist who discovered the cause of the New Humans making. He died, being murdered by the New Military after betraying information to the Forgotten Ones.


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