Wine Nymph
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Wisteria, or as she prefer to be called, Wistyk, was born to a wine nymph Cassandra, and a satyr, Carver Moss. The two both lived at camp for years, and fell in love. Not long after, Cassasndra became pregnant, and when she told Carver, he panicked and left camp for NewYork, and soon started a family with a Satyress he met named Lilly. Heartborken, after Wisty was born, Cassandra killed herself from grief, leaving behind her knife, Pinot, for her. Wisty was raised by the other nymphs at camp, though she was always fascinated by the campers, especially those of the Athena Cabin. When she was 15, her father brought his family to camp to visit. Carver looked nearly the same as the picture her mother had left her. She noticed that they had a small satyr boy with them, and immediately felt jilted. As her brother, his name was Colin, began to take lesson and sit in on camper activities, she did the same, making sure to keep her distance. She learned how to fight with her knife, and learned a great deal of survival skills. She closely watched Colin's development over the years, as he got older and stronger, and eventually he left camp. In the months that he was gone,Wisty was more happy, and would ask others about him. Colin returned with a young girl, who was claimed as a daughter of Hades, ans wisty eventually felt that she should at least approach him. Though she never got the chance, as Colin was then leaving camp all the time, and bringing back demigod after demigod. While no longer jealous of her half-brother, she still has yet to meet him or make peace with him. She now lives in the forest, as she enjoys being outside in the elements.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Birth 1978
Family Colin Moss - half brother
Status Alive
Eye Colour Violet
Hair Colour Purple
Height 6'1"
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Pinot, her knife.
Home Camp Half Blood, Forest

Quests None, yet



Wisty is headstrong and confident. Softspoken and Mild-mannered. Very loving and caring for her friends. Strong willed and is hesitant to let others sway her. She is described as being charming and surprisingly good with people, and also very outgoing and bublly on occasion. She is extremely flirty, and is not shy around someone she has taken an interest in. Strong sense of Justice and hates disrespect of the gods.



Wisty, despite being 39, looks like an 18 year old Italian female. She has long dark purple hair. She has violet eyes that glow when she's angry. She is described as being tall, slender,and curvy. She is described as being attractive. She has a tattoo of angel wings on her back.

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Pinot, a Cherokee Bone knife given to her by her mother.

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  • Can tell what type any wine is
  • Can grow grape vines
  • Can make humans/demigods feel the effect of wine drunkeness after one drink
  • Can turn water to wine
  • Maintains dexterous faculties while drunk



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